Emma Gray

Emma Gray 400 x 400 px

PhD: Measuring and Modelling the Effects of Climate Change on Cyanobacteria in Lakes Room A44 Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Lancaster Environment Centre Library Avenue Bailrigg Lancaster LA1 4AP Email Emma Gray I completed my undergraduate degree in Physical Geography at Lancaster University where I focussed on topics including lakes, rivers and coastal systems. I […]

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Edward Lockhart

Ed Lockhart 400 x 400 px

PhD: Glacial sculpting and post-glacial drowning of the Celtic Sea School of Ocean Sciences Bangor University Email Edward Lockhart ORCiD Profile Changing climate, due to increasing concentrations of greenhouse gasses, threatens the long-term stability of marine terminating ice sheets through increased warming. Meltwater production from Greenland and West Antarctica can rapidly contribute to significant sea-level […]

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Chloe Brown

Chloe Brown 400 x 400 px

PhD: Remote sensing investigation of how oil palm cultivation is degrading Malaysia’s tropical peatland ecosystem services Sir Clive Granger Building University of Nottingham Email Chloe Brown In 2015, I graduated from the University of Dundee with a BSc (Hons) degree in Geography and Environmental Science. During the course of my studies I became interested in […]

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Abby Wallwork

PhD: Linking functional diversity with soil carbon dynamics in secondary tropical forests Email Abby Wallwork at CEH Email Abby Wallwork at Lancaster University Linkedin Profile ResearchGate Profile Twitter As an undergraduate, I studied environmental earth science at Aberystwyth University where I developed a keen interest in environmental geochemistry and soil-plant interactions, particularly in relation to […]

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Nick Primmer

Nick Primmer 400 x 400 px

PhD: Mid-Low Latitude Holocene Climate Change using Varve Analysis University Of Nottingham Email Nick Primmer Twitter profile Project Link In 2013, I graduated from the University of Southampton in Geography, with a particularly keen interest in the Holocene’s palaeoclimate. Undergraduate research culminated with an environmental reconstruction from the early Holocene based on chironomid assemblages from […]

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Nick Girkin

Nick Girkin 400 x 400 px

PhD: Tropical Forest Methane Emissions: Root Regulation of Soil Processes and Fluxes Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Gateway Building University of Nottingham Sutton Bonington Campus Sutton Bonington Leicestershire LE12 5RD Tel: Email Nick Girkin LinkedIn profile Project Link As an undergraduate I studied biology at Durham University before studying MRes Ecology and Environmental Management at the […]

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Nathan Magnall

Nathan Magnall 400 x 400 px

PhD: Towards a Universal Model for Lava Emplacement Room A54 LEC 3 Building Lancaster University Lancaster LA1 4NY Tel: Email Nathan Magnall Website profile Twitter profile Project Link About me: I’m currently a volcanology PhD student at Lancaster University, my project focuses on the emplacement of lava flows of different compositions. Prior to starting at […]

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Laura Deeprose

Laura Deeprose 400 x 400 px

PhD: Speleothem climate capture of the Neanderthal demise Room B46 LEC 3 Building Lancaster University Lancaster LA1 4NY Tel: Email Laura Deeprose Twitter profile Project Link I studied undergraduate Physical Geography and Geology at Royal Holloway, University of London. During my undergraduate degree I focussed mainly on palaeoclimate reconstruction. After graduating I went onto study […]

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Laura Dean

Laura Dean 400 x 400 px

PhD: Sea Level, Salinity, Sympatry and Speciation in Sticklebacks NERC ENVISION PhD Research Student Room B26E School of Life Sciences University of Nottingham Nottingham Tel: Email Laura Dean Project Link I completed my MSci degree in Zoology at the University of Nottingham, with my primary focus on evolutionary biology. My masters project focused on the […]

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Jane Hosegood

Jane Hosegood 400 x 400 px

PhD: Novel genetic tools for conservation and management of vulnerable manta rays Environment Centre Wales 3rd Floor Molecular Ecology and Fisheries Genetics Laboratory Bangor University UK Tel: Email Jane Hosegood Project Link I am broadly interested in the use of genetic techniques in species conservation, and the preservation of genetic diversity. Based in the Molecular […]

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