January 13, 2017

Jane Hosegood

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PhD: Novel genetic tools for conservation and management of vulnerable manta rays

Environment Centre Wales 3rd Floor
Molecular Ecology and Fisheries Genetics Laboratory
Bangor University


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I am broadly interested in the use of genetic techniques in species conservation, and the preservation of genetic diversity. Based in the Molecular Ecology and Fisheries Genetics Lab (MEFGL) and funded by NERC through the ENVISION DTP, my PhD focusses on developing novel genetic tools for the conservation of vulnerable Mobulid (Manta and Mobula) rays. I am supervised by Professor Gary Carvalho and Dr Mark de Bruyn within Bangor University, and Dr Rob Ogden at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland and director of the TRACE Wildlife Forensics Network. I also have strong links with the Manta Trust, as their Genetics Project Manager.

Research Project:

At present, I am working on developing a Global Mobulid Genetic ID kit, which can be used by enforcement officers and researchers alike to identify Mobulid rays and their parts firstly to species level, and later to regional level. This work will be invaluable in supporting and monitoring species listings on CITES and CMS, and ultimately in the conservation of the group.


2014 – present: PhD Student, Bangor University

2013 – 2014: MRes Biodiversity and Conservation with Distinction (University of Leeds, UK).

2013: Research Technician, University of Sheffield

2010 – 2013: BSc Zoology, First Class (University of Sheffield,UK)