David Foster

David Foster 400 x 400 px

PhD: Adaptation to environmental stress by evolution of non-genotypic heterogeneity within microbial populations Life Sciences Building University of Nottingham Email David Foster Project Link I studied undergraduate Biology at the University Of Nottingham, focussing mainly on genetics. During this I carried out two summer placements working on animal parasitology/immunology and electrophysiology, so have quite a […]

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Dan Potter

Dan Potter 400 x 400 px

PhD: Flow modification in a tidal farm and potential effects on marine habitats Room B46 LEC 3 Building Lancaster University Lancaster LA1 4NY Tel: Email Dan Potter ResearchGate profile LinkedIn profile Project Link I am originally from Pembrokeshire in West Wales. My undergraduate studies were at Swansea University where I studied for an MPhys in […]

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Connor McCarron

Connor McCarron 400 x 400 px

PhD: Bedload transport of sediment mixtures in shelf seas School of Ocean Sciences Bangor University Email Connor McCarron LinkedIn profile ResearchGate profile Project Link I am from Derry~Londonderry in Northern Ireland where I originally studied BSc (Hons) Marine Science at the University of Ulster. During my undergraduate studies I gained an interest in the use […]

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Brian Scannell

Brian Scannell 400 x 400 px

PhD: Mixing in the surface mixed layer of temperate shelf seas Bangor University School of Ocean Sciences Email Brian Scannell ResearchGate profile Project Link I first graduated from Bangor in 1982 with a BSc in Ocean Electronics, subsequently joining the Seafish Industry Authority and then Welsh Water, working on coastal surveys and modelling studies aimed […]

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William Perry

William Perry 400 x 400 px

PhD: From morphology to microbiome: integrated common garden-genomic studies in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) Bangor University Email William Perry at Bangor Linkedin Profile Twitter Previous to my PhD I have worked on projects at the University of Bristol, where I conducted my master’s degree, as well as at Cardiff University, in the city that I […]

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Thomas Mondain-Monval

Thomas Mondain-Monval 400 x 400 px

PhD: Understanding population declines in Afro-Palearctic migrant birds Lancaster Environment Centre Lancaster University Email Thomas Mondain-Monval at Lancaster University I am interested in wildlife conservation, with a particular focus on migrant birds and the behavioural factors that determine wide scale population fluctuations. I completed a BSc in ecology at the University of Sheffield where I […]

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Simon Karythis

Simon Karythis 400 x 400 px

PhD: An interdisciplinary approach to understanding predator modification of prey behaviour School of Ocean Sciences Bangor University Email Simon Karythis at Bangor I originally studied Zoology as an undergraduate at Leeds University back in 2007 and carried out an investigation into the gate of scorpions using a photoelastic gel technique. After a few years outside […]

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Jack Garnett

Jack Garnett 400 x 400 px

PhD: Ice enrichment of chemical pollutants: a significant phenomenon in a warmer arctic Lancaster Environment Centre Lancaster University Email Jack Garnett at Lancaster I am a full-time doctoral researcher studying for a PhD in Environmental Chemistry at Lancaster University. My enthusiasm for Environmental Science was established during my undergraduate dissertation project, which focused on the […]

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Fiona Sach

Fiona Sach 400 x 400 px

PhD: Are Land Use Decisions of African Elephants Based on Environmental Geochemistry British Geological Survey Email Fiona Sach at British Geological Survey Read Fiona’s blog I have been working for four years at the Zoological Society of London, London and Whipsnade Zoo where I was the Nutrition and Research Officer. My role included maintaining accurate […]

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Dan Blumgart

Dan Blumgart 400 x 400 px

PhD: Investigating the mechanisms behind moth declines: plants, landscape, pollution and climate Bawden Building Rothamsted Research Email Dan Blumgart at Rothamsted Research I am an ecologist mainly interested in insect ecology and conservation. I finished an MSc in Applied Ecology at the University of Exeter in 2014. My final project there was a study on […]

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