Envision Office

Room B48, 
Lancaster University

Envision DTP Manager

Olivia Lawrenson

Olivia is the first point of contact for day to day enquiries and can assist with requests for accessing resources through Envision. 

Envision DTP Training and Placement Co-ordinators

Dr Catherine Baxendale

Catherine and Sohila are responsible for coordinating your training and placements during your time with Envision.

As with all PhD projects, you have a lead academic supervisor for your project and the support of the Postgraduate Office.

Olivia, Catherine and Sohila are available to meet with students and handle enquiries.

Envision Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Innovator 

Ali Sheen

Envision Management Team

Professor Nick Ostle

Envision DTP Director, Lancaster University.

Nick has overall responsibility for managing Envision and maintaining contact with the wider academic community and the business partners.

Dr Jennie Gilbert

Envision DTP Associate Director, Lancaster University.

Jennie supports Nick with the overall management of Envision.

Professor John Healey

Envision Management Lead for Bangor University.

Professor Sarah Metcalfe

Envision Management Lead for University of Nottingham.

Dr Andrew Smith

Envision Management Lead for BGS.

Professor Simon Willcock

Envision Management Lead for Rothamsted Research.

Dr Felicity Hayes

Envision Management Lead for UKCEH.

Envision Training Leads

Dr Simon Vaukins

Envision Training Lead for Lancaster University.

Dr Emma Green

Envision Training Lead for Bangor University.

Dr Mark Eastwood

Envision Training Lead for University of Nottingham.

Donna Fellowes

Envision Training Lead for Rothamsted Research.

Dr Jonathan Nadan

Envision Training Lead for BGS.

Frances Kathryn Wood

Envision Training Lead for UKCEH