About Envision
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PhD Students

Our doctoral students are provided with a world-class, multidisciplinary research training environment with supervisors who work at the forefront of environmental research. Research themes are broadly categorised into:

  • Environmental change
  • Sustainable use of natural resources
  • Environmental hazards and risk

Envision provides students with the opportunity to work with multiple research organisations. This exposes students to different research cultures, and a wide cohort of peers and collaborators.
Our network of businesses offers the opportunity to gain employment experience either through an industrial placement, a CASE project or by working in one of the three research institutes.

Training and Development

Designed to complement the focussed support offered by the student’s own research group, Envision provides students with training in developing their research skills. These skills, honed alongside the experience gained working with the UK’s leading scientists and our partner businesses, will benefit their future careers.

Mapped to the Researcher Development Framework (RDF), Envision’s training provision includes workshops, online courses, and cross institutional network building activities, as well as overseas research visits and placements with partner businesses.