Olivia Lawrenson

Tabitha Blackwell

PhD: Ecosystem Function of tropical filter-feeders under environmental change. Location: University of Nottingham Email: I completed my undergraduate degree in Zoology at the University of Exeter with a study abroad year at the University of Queensland. I went on to complete a research masters at the University of Bristol, investigating the population ecology of […]

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Anna Wood

Photo of Anna Wood

PhD Title: Metabarcoding for the monitoring of biodiversity during forest restoration in European forests Location: Bangor University Contact information: Twitter: @anna_r_wood Bangor University Website: About In 2021, I graduated from the University of Nottingham with an MSci integrated master’s degree in Biology. My Masters project investigated using environmental DNA (eDNA) to detect fish […]

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Ankita Bhattacharya

Photo of Ankita Bhattacharya

PhD: The influence of groundwater and soil conditions on future flood risk of UK estuaries Location: British Geological Survey, Nottingham University: School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor university Email: LinkedIn: I completed my 3-years M.ScTech (Applied Geology) in 2015 from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad and was recipient of the university silver medal. The […]

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Andrew Schendl

Photo of Andrew Schendl

PhD: Exploiting big data to understand access to greenspace in the UK Location: Bangor University, School of Natural Sciences LinkedIn: Twitter: @SchendlAndrew Email: I completed my undergraduate degree in Conservation & Environmental Science and my Masters in Geography from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. As part of my master’s research, I explored the relationship […]

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Edward Bates

PhD: The Atmospheric Chemistry of Peroxy Radicals Location: University of Nottingham Contacts: University email: LinkedIn: Group website: I am an Envision affiliated student who studies at the University of Nottingham in the School of Chemistry. My research involves developing and using a Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) setup to study the autoxidation of […]

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Matthew Appleton

Photo of Matthew Appleton

PhD: Modelling the future of coastal soft cliffs under changing climate Location: University of Nottingham emails: (main) also: (alternative) twitter: @Matt72286888 I am a first year PhD student, funded by ENVISION, working between the University of Nottingham and the British Geological Survey. My research focusses on modelling the retreat of cliff-beach-platform systems under […]

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Will Stewart

Will Stewart

PhD: Tracing the heat signature of Atlantic Water through the GIN seas and its impact on Arctic ice and climate. Location: School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University Email: I have worked at Bangor University since starting my undergraduate degree in 2017, when I started studying for an MSci degree in Physical Oceanography. Throughout the […]

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Rosie Dunkley

Photo of Rosie Dunkley

PhD: Why are there so few C2 grasses?    Location: Lancaster University Contact: Email: Twitter: @dunkley_rosie Lancaster page: LinkedIn: I am a first year PhD Envision funded student in the Lundgren Lab at Lancaster University looking into C2 grasses. My project focuses on why, when C2 is posited as an intermediary evolutionary […]

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Miary Raselimanana

Photo of Miary Raselimanana

PhD: Climate change effects on biodiversity: impacts of increased overwinter temperatures on UK reptiles Location: Bangor University Email: Personal Homepage/Twitter social media contact details:  Twitter: @Miary_Ras ORCID:org/0000-0002-2312-2516 Research Gate: Coming from a biodiversity hotspot like Madagascar, I had the opportunity to discover wildlife at an early age. I was particularly fascinated by chameleons. While children […]

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Lisa King Wolf

Photo of Lisa King-Wolf

PhD: Improving disease resilience in aquaculture in changing climates. Location: University of Nottingham LinkedIn: Twitter: Email: I completed my joint undergraduate and postgraduate degree (MSci) in Biological Sciences at the University of Aberdeen in 2022 where I focused mainly on sustainable aquaculture and evolutionary parasitology. My PhD aims to further the understanding […]

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