Olivia Lawrenson

Lauren Grace Evans

PhD: What’s for dinner? Oceanographic drivers of Manx shearwater chick provisioning and growth Location: Bangor Email: Twitter: @laurenevans217 Bangor University Research Profile webpage: I studied Ecology at the University of Edinburgh where my honours project focused on the association between European Storm Petrel body mass and a declining principal food source. After my undergraduate degree, […]

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Katrina Woodfield

PhD: Investigating the role of organic nutrient resources in controlling biodiversity and production in freshwater ecosystems Location: Lancaster University Email: I graduated from Lancaster University with a BSc in Environmental Science. As an undergraduate, I focused most of my time on the study of freshwater environments and the numerous challenges threatening them. My enthusiasm […]

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Kathryn Vest

PhD: Understanding the indirect climate impacts of halogens in the troposphere Location: Lancaster University Email: LinkedIn: X: @Kathrynvxx I graduated from Lancaster University in 2023 with a BSc in Environmental Science. My main interests during my undergraduate degree included atmospheric science, climate change and I enjoyed pursuing research projects including a microclimate study […]

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Kate Heaphy

PhD: Assessing Amazon forest vulnerability and resilience to dry periods across soil moisture & microenvironmental gradients Location: Bangor University Email: Online profiles: LinkedIn profile: ResearchGate profile: OrchidID: 0000-0001-5039-0463 Background: I am a New Zealand ecologist with a background in conservation, invasive species, and landscape-scale ecological connectivity. I have previously completed degrees at […]

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Jake Dimon

Project title: Restoring oil palm rivers: assessing the effects of riparian re-vegetation and in-channel modifications on biodiversity and functionality Location: University of Nottingham Email: Twitter: @JakeDimon97 Biography I completed my undergraduate degree in BSc Biological Sciences (Zoology) at Cardiff University in 2019 and my master’s degree in MSc Conservation Biology at the University of Derby in […]

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Francis Gyapong

PhD: The effects of environmental metals on the spread of antimicrobial resistance genes in the stickleback skin microbiome Location: University of Nottingham Email: Personal homepage/Twitter social media contact details: Twitter: (1) Gyapong Francis (@F_Gyapong) / X ( Lab page: Lab Members | The Whelan lab LinkedIn: (7) Francis Gyapong | LinkedIn My journey tackling […]

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Annalisa Lanza

PhD: Agroecosystems in a Climate Crisis: Using Big Data to understand the Out of the Ordinary Location: Rothamsted Research University email: Personal social media contact details: My PhD is based at Rothamsted Research and will allow me to carry out crucial analysis into the outliers present within the North Wyke data. This data platform currently […]

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Modelling extreme sea states in a changing climate

Sandy each with waves, cliffs and lighthouse in the background

Applications are invited for a PhD studentship within the NERC-ENVISION Doctoral Training Partnership, co-funded by JBA Trust, with a project entitled: “Modelling extreme sea states in a changing climate”. Coastal systems are extremely important for the natural environment worldwide. Waves are among the most important physical drivers for their evolution. Climate change involves transformation in […]

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The Pollution-Climate-Health Dilemma: Cleaner Air but Poorer Health Outcomes under a Changing Climate?

Orange glow over city

In the UK, air pollution has been identified as the largest environmental risk to public health, causing between 28-36,000 deaths per year. The WHO have stated that 99% of the world’s population are exposed to air quality that fails to meet their Guideline limits. Health impacts, such as hospital admissions or increased GP visits, can […]

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