Sohila Raqib

Understanding Nottinghamshire’s groundwater microbial ecosystems

PhD student Archita Bhattacharyya is undertaking a project focused on exploring the ecosystem of microorganisms in groundwater of England. In south England and the Midlands, about 70 per cent of drinking water is sourced from groundwater. This groundwater is home to a wide variety of microscopic organisms that have interactive relationships with the surrounding abiotic […]

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‘Core blimey!’ A PhD fieldwork trip to India

PhD student Hamish Duncalf-Youngson recently visited Manipur, India, to assess the effects of aquaculture, environmental change and pollution at this internationally important site. Arriving in Manipur in north-east India jolts your senses to life, from the heat and dust to the chaotic driving practices (which heavily require dodging cows in the middle of four-lane roads). […]

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Stuck in the Rough: Fluid Dynamics of Microplastic Capture in Seagrass Beds

Location: School of Ocean Bangor   Duration: 6 Weeks Seagrasses are globally threatened but vital habitats, and microplastics are a rapidly emerging threat to marine ecosystems. Interactions between seagrasses and microplastics are understudied but potentially of great significance. In upcoming experiments water ‘inoculated’ with microplastics will be run over live seagrass turf in a flume […]

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