PHD Project

October 10, 2023

Accelerating phosphorus and nutrient cycling in the Greenland Arctic ecosystem Soils


PhD Study: At the Global Frontier of Climate Change and Nutrient Cycling  

The fragile Arctic ecosystems are changing rapidly due to global warming, as glaciers retreat, they are revealing arctic soils under the process called ‘greening’. These soils store substantial amounts of organic matter and nutrients, which may become bioavailable under higher temperatures and changing hydrological cycles, resulting in new and potentially accelerating nutrient cycling. Soil phosphorus (P), the main focus of your study, and other nutrient stores, are relatively high in the Arctic, and there is a risk that release of P from the soils to terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems accelerates changing weathering rates across the Arctic.

We are recruiting a PhD candidate to be trained in soil biogeochemistry and modelling and to study these important, exciting, vulnerable systems in Western Greenland, at the frontier of climate change and nutrient cycling.

The successful PhD candidate will be trained in soil biogeochemistry and computer modelling by a diverse team of experts at UKCEH and Lancaster University, with conducting their research in Bangor, Lancaster and Western Greenland.

The student will have the choice to be based at Bangor on the edge of Snowdonia, or Lancastrer, nestled between the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. In this PhD you will undertake a mix of field, laboratory and computer modelling research. With the support of an interdisciplinary team of experts at UKCEH and Lancaster University, you will develop skills that span methods and engage with our partner in Kangerlussuaq International Science Support, whilst undertaking summertime field studies in Western Greenland.


Candidates shall be good honours graduates in appropriate subject areas, of a recognised university or comparable university, or persons holding equivalent qualifications who show evidence of exceptional ability, or who have demonstrated their ability in graduate studies.

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