January 11, 2017

R4All Course

Getting Started With R


We provide training in the R statistical and programming language for data management, visualisation, and analysis.

We focus on boosting you up the initial learning curve, streamlining your data management and analysis workflow, and giving you scalable solutions.

Teaching mixes interactive lectures, practicals, and discussions of your questions and associated data.

Our instructors (Andrew, Owen, Natalie, & Dylan) love R and love teaching it, and have years of experience doing so.


  • Import, Explore, Graph
  • Data Management and manipulation with dplyr and tidyr
  • Visualisation with ggplot2
  • Basic statistics – t-tests, χ2 ,Regression, ANOVA, ANCOVA
  • Advanced statistics – generalised and mixed effects models

Testimonials from previous Envision students

  • “Thank you to both Dylan and Natalie for making a course looking at stats both fun and understandable (that’s a first for me)!”
  • “I really enjoyed this course, and I am very glad that I attended – as somebody who had previously never used R, it taught me a huge amount and I am very grateful. I would recommend it to anyone who was interested in learning more about R.”
  • “This course was fantastic!”
  • “Keep doing it!! It would have taken me months on my own to get as far as I did in a few days with you guys.”
  • “The course was extremely well paced and allowed us a lot of time to ask questions and practice using R.”

Additional Information

You will require a laptop with admin privileges in order to be able to install the R package.