March 20, 2015

Innovation in Action – Six Hats Training

Six Hats TrainingBoost your innovation skills and get your creative thinking hats on!

Offered in partnership with the NERC ENVISION DTP partnership organisations and PERA.

  • Lancaster – 25th March 2015
  • Bangor – 17th April 2015
  • Nottingham – 21st April 2015

A one-day event for all PhD students, post-doctoral and early stage researchers to examine and develop their problem solving skills. Focused on learning and applying the DeBono method and ‘six hats thinking’ approach to encourage the translation of research into opportunity and impact.

A chance to boost your skills and build your network as you learn to innovate.

The event schedule;

  • Introductions/Ice breaker activity
  • Defining Innovation/types of innovation
  • An Innovation process
  • Challenge/problem definition – SWOT/PESTLE analysis?
  • Break
  • Introduction to Six Thinking Hats
  • Blue Hat thinking – control mechanism
  • Green Hat thinking – ideas generation, brainstorming, reverse brainstorming, random word brainstorming, SUN signalling
  • Lunch
  • Energiser
  • Red Hat thinking – emotion & feeling, application to ideas list
  • White Hat thinking – fact or fiction activity, information & data gathering, financial considerations
  • Break
  • Black Hat thinking – risk identification & assessment
  • Yellow Hat thinking – adding value, optimism
  • Summary & Close