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Climate change impacts on cold-adapted butterflies: discovering the mechanisms and testing potential mitigation approaches

Cold-adapted species, including those restricted to mountains, are highly vulnerable to climate change. For UK butterflies, cold-adapted species are similarly threated by climate changemediated decline, with some species demonstrating range retractions concurrent with recent warming. Consequently, upland species are becoming a priority for many conservation organisations both in the UK and globally. However, developing adaptation […]

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Optimal Resilience in Distribution Networks

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In both nature and society, distribution networks are fundamental, facilitating the exchange of materials, energy and information. As systems evolve, these networks become complex leading to fragile systems at significant risk of failure. Rail networks are a classic example of this, where timetable pressures amplify the effects of mechanical failure, spikes in demand and adverse […]

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Research article published

Paul McLachlan 400 x 400 px

Congratulations to Cohort 2 student, Paul McLachlan who has published his first research paper recently. The paper, “Geophysical characterisation of the groundwater-surface water interface” is published in Advances in Water Resources. Interactions between groundwater (GW) and surface water (SW) have important implications for water quantity, water quality, and ecological health. The subsurface region proximal to SW […]

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