British Geological Survey

Understanding temporal fluctuations in nitrate in groundwater

Diagram of nitrate cycling through groundwater

Nitrate is the most pervasive pollutant in groundwater.  High concentrations of nitrate in groundwater can contribute to degradation of surface water ecosystems and can also result in the need for costly treatment when groundwater is used for drinking.  With these costs running into the billions globally, understanding how nitrate concentrations vary with time is crucial.  […]

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Tracking landslides and earthwork failures using electrical geophysics

Tracking Electrode Movements

Slope instability is responsible for considerable social and economic harm. In the UK, impacts are principally economic, through damage and disruption to critical infrastructure (e.g. railways, flood defences, reservoir dams etc.), costing >£100 million annually. Further afield, in areas with high rainfall and mountainous conditions (e.g. South East Asia) impacts are considerably greater, including enormous […]

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Landslide early warning: developing novel geophysical monitoring approaches to ‘see inside’ unstable slopes

Landslide Early Warning

Slope failures cause considerable social and economic harm. In the UK, impacts are principally economic, through the damage and disruption to our transportation (e.g. rail) and utilities (e.g. dams) networks, costing over £100 million per year. Further afield, in mountainous areas with high rainfall impacts are considerably greater, including much greater loss of life. Conventional […]

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Developing a microfluorination technique for oxygen isotope analysis on biogenic silica


Human-induced climate change has altered environments around the world. In pursuit of environmental change resilience, we require vital palaeoclimate data and empirical context for contemporary and future climate change.  The oxygen isotope composition of biogenic silica is controlled by prevailing climate conditions and is routinely used to reconstruct past climate. However, the extraction and measurement […]

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Volcanic fertilisation of tropical forest biomes

Bulusan Lake Fieldwork

Tropical rainforest biomes are some of the most diverse and productive ecosystems on the planet, but these systems are also particularly vulnerable to changing climatic and environmental conditions. This studentship will aim to answer fundamental questions about how volcanism may alter the composition, structure, flowering dynamics and productivity of tropical forests, by supplying them with […]

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Mud, Sweat and Tears: PhD fieldwork in Uganda

Fieldwork in Uganda

#Envisionhighlight from Laura Hunt Fieldwork presented some unique challenges, including using heavy coring equipment in deep lakes from the confines of a small inflatable boat and having to chase monkeys away from stealing limnology equipment, but was by far the highlight of PhD so far! Visiting my beautiful field sites in person gave my research […]

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