Envision Training Programme 2023-2024

Photo of Envision students and Management team at the 2023 annual conference at Rothamsted research institute

The Envision training programme includes 2 mandatory activities:

·       A 3-day residential welcome event for new starters with cohort building activities.

·       Annual 3-day residential Envision conference with training opportunities and networking activities.


Where possible Envision aim to adapt the training programme to meet the training needs identified by our student in the TNA each year.

Examples of courses and workshops from the 2023-2024 Envision Training Programme include;

·       Effective Vocal Skills Workshop facilitated by Voicework.

·       Online design training programme for researchers facilitated by Infohackit.

·       Getting started with R facilitated by R4All.

·       Thesis writing workshop facilitated by Rowena Murray.

·       Advanced First Aid Training for Expedition Leaders and Explorers.

·       ‘Mind Matters’ – Supporting Your Mental Health and Wellbeing During Your PhD.

·       The Importance of Effective Outreach Training with Children facilitated by Sparking STEM.

·       CV surgery workshop facilitated by Emma Williams.

·       Bayesian Regression Modelling with R and the brms Package facilitated by R4All.


Please note that the Envision Training Programme differs each year and some of the above courses may not be offered on an annual basis.