Catherine Baxendale

Katie Devenish placement – UKRI Policy placement with Senedd Research

Envision student Katie Devenish standing in front of Cardiff castle whilst on placement

Earlier this year I had the wonderful opportunity to do a 3-month UKRI Policy Internship at Senedd Research. The bursary provided by UKRI meant I was able to relocate to Cardiff for the duration of the placement, meaning I could work in the office, meet my colleagues face-to-face and attend First Ministers Questions and a […]

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Mark Hamilton placement – Seychelles Fishing Authority

Envision student Mark Hamilton on a small fishing boat with three members of staff from the Seychelles Fish Authority

Envision placement details Student name: Mark Hamilton Institution: Lancaster University Placement Host: Seychelles Fishing Authority I completed an Envision-funded placement at Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA) from April to June 2022. My PhD research focuses on the effects of coral reef degradation on small-scale fisheries, and three of my PhD chapters involve reefs and fisheries in […]

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The more the merrier? Understanding the consequences of cabbage stem flea beetle larval intraspecific competition on larval development and parasitism rate.

Photo of cabbage stem flea beetle larvae on the stem of a plant

Location: Rothamsted Research Duration: 8 weeks A funded opportunity is available for an undergraduate student to be part of a novel research project at the oilseed rape insect pests’ group in Rothamsted Research with Dr Patricia Ortega-Ramos and Dr Sam Cook during the summer of 2022. This paid research placement is an exciting opportunity to gain valuable […]

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The impact of light pollution on the diet and microbiomes of sandhoppers

Photo of sandhopper on the sand

Location: Bangor University, Molecular Ecology and Evolution group Duration: 6-10 weeks The ecological impact of artificial light at night (ALAN) has been a rapidly growing field of global change science in recent years. While understanding of direct lighting impacts (for example street lights) has improved dramatically, the effect of artificial skyglow (light that is scattered in the […]

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Ocean Data acquisition for estimating Lagrangian dispersal in the marine environment

Photo of Madog research vessel taken from the air

Location: Bangor University, School of Ocean Sciences Duration: 6-10 weeks Due to difficulties in making measurements at sea ocean models are the primary tool used to study transport in the marine environment, like: 1) offshore and onshore pollution (i.e., plastic and oil spill); and 2) ecology (i.e., population connectivity and spread of invasive species). Validation of ocean […]

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Looking into your pale eyes: retinal ageing in Antarctic icefish

Photo of an icefish

Location: University of Nottingham, School of Veterinary Medicine and Science Duration: 6 weeks The Antarctic icefish are a unique group of animals in their ability to thrive without the protein haemoglobin. Haemoglobin carries oxygen from the capillaries in the lungs/gills to the rest of the animal. In a remarkable feat of adaptation, the icefish manage to deliver […]

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Living Deltas Research Hub

Photo of palm trees and huts that are traditional habitats on the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna delta across Bangladesh and India

Location: Lancaster University, Lancaster Environment Centre Duration: 6-10 weeks An exciting opportunity exists at Lancaster University to get directly involved in a major NERC sponsored research programme – Living Deltas Research Hub. Launched in 2019, the Hub is a 5-year programme to explore social and natural impacts facing three Asian mega river deltas: Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna (GBM) delta across Bangladesh […]

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Isolation and identification of insect endosymbionts from agriculturally important pests to investigate endosymbiont roles in host environmental adaptability

Photo of bacteria growing on agar

Location: Rothamsted Research Duration: 8-10 weeks With support from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Envision REP scheme, Rothamsted Research would like to recruit an undergraduate student to undertake a 10-week summer internship titled “Identifying cereal killers’ accomplices; investigating endosymbiont roles in host environmental adaptability”. Insect pests are a major global problem causing significant damage to agricultural […]

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