REP Project

April 25, 2024

Tracing the Hydrological Cycle

Photo shows body of water surrounded by shrubbery, blue skies ad rainbow

Location: Nottingham.

6 week placement.

The placement will give the placement student a full overview of isotope hydrology, from the field, through the lab, and into interpretation.

The project will:

1)   undertake a field sampling campaign of surface and rain waters in and around Nottingham.

2)  analyse these water samples for d18O and dD at the NERC Environmental Isotope Facility at the British Geological Survey.

3)  mine the stable isotope facility archive for global surface water data.

4)  undertake a global analysis of surface water d18O and dD variability for comparison with model output.


This REP gives you the opportunity to join world leading teams at the British Geological Survey and University of Nottingham in further understanding of the hydrological cycle using stable isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen. The REP will give you field, lab, and analytical experience in a project that will investigate how isotope hydrology has changed in Nottingham over the last 2 decades and how well global patterns of surface water isotope values compare to climate and hydrological models. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to present their work at an international workshop in London at the end of the placement.

To apply

We encourage applications from students from all backgrounds. Please check you meet the eligibility criteria before completing the EDI Form 2024 ; this form is a mandatory part of the application process, but contains ‘prefer not to say’ options for all questions asked.

Once you have completed the online data collection form you will receive an email with the application form and details of how to apply to the supervisor. The application form should be completed and emailed to the lead supervisor along with a reference from your personal tutor.