REP Project

April 25, 2024

Frolicking in the meadows: the impact of seagrass on mammal and seabird activity.

Photo showing a beach scene

Location: Bangor University.

7-week placement.

This is an exciting opportunity to participate in preliminary studies on the potential benefits of planting seagrass in a pristine area of the North Wales coastline. The owner of Bodorgan Estate, Anglesey, is exploring options to create a new seagrass meadow in one or more of the sheltered bays which form the western boundary of the property. These areas are not accessible to the public and the surrounding waters are frequented by birds, seals, and cetaceans. We expect an increase in the use of the bays by these animals after the meadow is planted and want to establish a baseline before planting.


In this internship, the student will work with a small team, including other interns, to monitor the bird and mammal activity off Bodorgan estate, and compare that to the bird and mammal activity off the coast of Porthdinllaen – the site of a well-established seagrass meadow approximately 25 km southwest of the estate.


The student will work with researchers from the School of Ocean Sciences at Bangor University, SeaWatch, and the North Wales Seal Research Organisation to gather, process, and present data; help develop new citizen-science-friendly ethograms of seal behaviour; and ultimately to suggest which of the Bodorgan Estate bays could be the best site for a future seagrass meadow. Contact Dr Martyn Kurr (

To apply

We encourage applications from students from all backgrounds. Please check you meet the eligibility criteria before completing the EDI Form 2024 ; this form is a mandatory part of the application process, but contains ‘prefer not to say’ options for all questions asked.

Once you have completed the online data collection form you will receive an email with the application form and details of how to apply to the supervisor. The application form should be completed and emailed to the lead supervisor along with a reference from your personal tutor.