October 26, 2023

Annalisa Lanza

PhD: Agroecosystems in a Climate Crisis: Using Big Data to understand the Out of the Ordinary

Location: Rothamsted Research

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My PhD is based at Rothamsted Research and will allow me to carry out crucial analysis into the outliers present within the North Wyke data. This data platform currently holds over 74 million data points from contrasting farm systems situated on the Rothamsted North Wyke site. Through using advanced statistical techniques and machine learning, I hope to find an accurate way to detect, and take into consideration, both outliers and anomalies.

Before beginning this PhD, I attended the University of York where I studied Biology, obtaining a first class integrated masters degree. This degree allowed me to gain a diverse understanding within biology whilst also beginning to specialise into data science and statistics. My dissertation itself, although not related to environmental or agricultural research, allowed me to become more familiar with machine learning, in particular k-means clustering which I used to identify clusters in UK Covid-19 mutation data.