November 10, 2022

Will Stewart

Will Stewart

PhD: Tracing the heat signature of Atlantic Water through the GIN seas and its impact on Arctic ice and climate.

Location: School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University

I have worked at Bangor University since starting my undergraduate degree in 2017, when I started studying for an MSci degree in Physical Oceanography. Throughout the course of my studies, I have worked on several different areas of research, most notably investigating the effects of increasing meltwater input from the Greenland Ice Sheet on the salinity of the North Atlantic, and assessing the accuracy of the double high tide criteria by attempting to predict the occurrences of double high tides across global coastlines. Both these projects and my wider undergraduate studies have given me a wealth of experience in various research methods, especially in the use of computer models.

I am currently researching the movement of heat through the Atlantic Ocean, into the northern seas and eventually into the Arctic, and investigating the effects that this movement has on the Arctic sea ice and wider climate. This project has some fascinating implications, with the chance to track the changing heat fluxes across the Atlantic providing some insights into not only the current mechanisms of oceanic heat transport, but also into their history, both of which are integral to our understanding of the potential changes to the oceans in the future.