October 1, 2020

Elizabeth Flint

Elizabeth Flint

PhD: Understanding current and future impacts of public water supply on macronutrient cycles around the world

Location: British Geological Survey (Wallingford)

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I am a University of Bristol graduate, with an MSci in Environmental Geoscience. I am really excited to begin a PhD at the British Geological Survey in Wallingford this year as part of the Envision DTP, with Matthew Ascott as my main supervisor. My PhD project aims to further understand the impacts of public water supply upon macronutrient cycles around the globe.

During my time at Bristol, I developed an enjoyment for a range of disciplines, in particular; aqueous chemistry, hydrogeology and critical zone science. For my Masters project, I contributed to a NERC funded programme ‘SPECTRA’, where critical zone processes within the Karst region of Southwest China were investigated. Through this project, I developed a desire to deepen and utilise my knowledge of geochemistry to contribute towards solutions to environmental degradation and sustainable infrastructure and development issues. I particularly enjoyed developing my writing and modelling skills, as well as working in collaboration with other researchers, as part of a multi-disciplinary team, both in the U.K. and in China.

I have spent the last year working as a Geoenvironmental Technician at a Bristol based environmental consultancy. Along with internships at various civil and hydraulic engineering consultancies, I have had stimulating insights the into modelling and fieldwork aspects of a consultancy, as well as how different disciplines can come together to achieve a desired and timely outcome.

In my free time, I like be outside in nature (either on a road bike or with horses) or listening to and playing music. Please feel free to get in touch with me via my email address.