January 13, 2017

Paul McLachlan

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PhD: Revealing hydrological and biogeochemical heterogeneity at the groundwater-surface water interface using geophysics

Room LG506
LEC 1 Building
Lancaster University


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I studied Geology at the University of Edinburgh for my undergraduate degree. During this time I also had the opportunity to complete environmental science placements at the University of Aberdeen and the British Geological Survey. The placement in Aberdeen involved developing methods to quantify tensile strengths of fungal hyphae and also the wetting characteristics of soils, and the placement at the BGS involved measuring the stability of soil aggregates. These placements were central in my decision to pursue a PhD in environmental science.

Research Project:

My PhD focusses on the characterising the hydrogeological variability of the groundwater-surface water interface using geophysical monitoring techniques. Variability in the interface has a strong control on fluid pathways and also biogeochemical cycling. Characterising this variability is therefore important if we are to effectively monitor the quality of groundwater and surface water, and also the ecological health of surface water bodies.