January 13, 2017

Nathan Magnall

Nathan Magnall 400 x 400 px

PhD: Towards a Universal Model for Lava Emplacement

Room A54
LEC 3 Building
Lancaster University


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About me: I’m currently a volcanology PhD student at Lancaster University, my project focuses on the emplacement of lava flows of different compositions. Prior to starting at Lancaster I completed an undergraduate masters degree in geology at the University of Liverpool. During my undergraduate degree I completed projects analysing large-scale sedimentary and tectonic structures in the Alpine Foreland Basin, whilst my masters’ project involved the analysis of magma mingling features in a variety of volcanic and igneous systems.

Research Project:

My current project (towards a universal model for lava emplacement) involves work on a rhyolite lava flow on Cordon Caulle volcano in Chile and basaltic lava flows on Mount Etna in Italy. The project aims to derive a universal emplacement model for low viscosity basaltic lava flows and higher viscosity rhyolite lava flows. The project uses a mixture of field, lab and photographic techniques.