October 5, 2017

Matt Amos

Matt Amos

PhD: Understanding long term climate and atmospheric composition change over Antarctica

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Lancaster Environment Centre
Lancaster University

My work begins with analysis of ice core records which provide a fascinating and continuous record of atmospheric composition as far back as 100000 years ago. The records of reactive gases trapped within the cores could constrain atmospheric happenings within the past 10000 years. By coupling hydrogen peroxide ice core data and global climate models, alongside additional atmospheric observations we aim to progress the understanding of the oxidising nature of the atmosphere. Additionally, when the drivers of atmospheric composition change can be identified, we hope to use this knowledge to direct the improvement of global models.

Research Project:

My background is in physics at Lancaster University, in particular time series analysis methods. My previous research was focussed on nonlinear analysis of rogue waves by utilising the wavelet transform. These methods are very capable of identifying trends and determining if separate oscillating systems are linked, which will prove useful considering the interconnected nature of the atmosphere.