October 10, 2017

Jade Bowling

Jade Bowling

PhD: The role of supraglacial lakes in ice sheet change and sea level rise

Lancaster University

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I completed my undergraduate studies at Northumbria University, where I studied BSc Geography. My dissertation assessed the impact of volcanic tephra thickness on ice ablation rates, based on field experiments on Solheimajokull glacier, Iceland. This led me to undertaking an MRes in Polar and Alpine Change at Sheffield University. My thesis involved identification of subglacial lakes beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet. Throughout my studies, I have developed an interest in glacial hydrology and ice sheet dynamics.

Research Project:

My PhD project will involve using satellite observations and numerical modelling techniques to investigate supraglacial lake drainage events in Greenland and Antarctica. This research will enable help predict which of the new supraglacial lakes that form under future warming scenarios are likely to drain, and where and how frequently this will occur.