January 11, 2017

Environmental Infrastructures

Rethinking Research & Business

Monday 27 February – Thursday 2 March 2017
Lancaster House Hotel, Lancaster


“Environmental Infrastructures” is a new Envision led skills training and engagement platform providing a range of innovative activities designed for environmental scientists. We want to help you position your research potential, help you recognise your skills, help you build your understanding of opportunities that can emerge at any stage of your PhD and your future career to influence outcomes that matter.

Global change challenges are complex. Outstanding environmental science researchers are needed to “rethink everything” and have impact on the sustainable use of finite resources in an ever-changing world. This includes scoping opportunities to address environmental issues to improve opportunities for people, business and enterprise, policy makers, science providers and decision makers.

In order to achieve this – we want you to join us to develop a whole system approach to environmental thinking, enable the evolution of novel perspectives, create conditions for transdisciplinary teams to contribute “science thinking” for future sustainability. Build your skills and network together to translate your world-leading environmental science thinking into “real-time” opportunities to recreate and address our uncertain future. This NERC Envision workshop will engage you with 21st-century global challenges that lie ahead, bring the significance of your research to find solutions, and expose you to the possibilities for real entrepreneurial impact.

Our workshop is designed to facilitate team collaboration to address a series of environmental challenges across nested issues including food security, energy sustainability, climate change, the role of biodiversity, and societal benefit – focused on creating value and understanding our expectations that our biosphere, people and businesses can adapt to and respond to global change concerns with research evidence.

The exciting and novel “Environmental Infrastructures” platform will intertwine active challenges with “thinkers and doers” including; academics, entrepreneur’s, practitioners and designers to join, present, debate and discuss the future landscape of environmental sciences and its impact.

Are you ready for this? – Then join us.

This is a free event for all, plus expenses paid for Envision students only.

Programme Schedule

Day 1: Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

Day 2: Responding to a business challenge

Day 3: NERC’S emerging research challenges

Programme times: 9.00am – 17.00pm