July 20, 2016

Envision Spring Conference 2016

Staff and students from across the six Envision partners attended the recent Lancaster University led Envision Spring Conference.

This event was widely attended by current and future Envision students who were all keen to share what they have learned on the Envision programme so far.

Nick Ostle, the Envision DTP Director introduced the programme before handing over to our new students, due to start in October 2016, who introduced themselves and discussed the work that they have planned.

Students then had the opportunity to share their research experiences and learn more about what each other have discovered on their Envision journey with presentations and lots of opportunities for networking.

Nathan Magnall, a second-year student said “Great first day of the Envision conference at Lancaster University. Looking forward to giving my talk tomorrow on lava flows!”

Savannah Worne, a first-year student “Had a great time presenting at the Envision summer conference.”

Nick Reynard, Science Area Lead for Natural Hazards from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology was the guest speaker discussing ‘UK Floods: predict and protect’.

Nick Ostle, Envision DTP Director said “we have had a brilliant couple of days where we saw the true breadth of excellent Envision research. From volcanoes to viruses, manta rays to mud we had science that ranges across disciplines. It is impressive and reassuring to see keen and intelligent minds addressing environmental uncertainties with bold new science”.

Thanks to our PhD supervisors and Envision Management Team attendees too!