Nick Primmer

Nick Primmer 400 x 400 px

PhD: Mid-Low Latitude Holocene Climate Change using Varve Analysis University Of Nottingham Email Nick Primmer Twitter profile Project Link In 2013, I graduated from the University of Southampton in Geography, with a particularly keen interest in the Holocene’s palaeoclimate. Undergraduate research culminated with an environmental reconstruction from the early Holocene based on chironomid assemblages from […]

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James Hicks

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PhD: Dragons Feel the Heat: the Thermal Vulnerability of Malaysian Agamid Lizards in a Human Altered Landscape Sir Clive Granger Building University of Nottingham Email James Hicks Twitter profile Project Link I completed my Undergraduate and Masters degrees at Bangor University in Zoology with Herpetology and am now based in the School of Geography, University […]

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David Foster

David Foster 400 x 400 px

PhD: Adaptation to environmental stress by evolution of non-genotypic heterogeneity within microbial populations Life Sciences Building University of Nottingham Email David Foster Project Link I studied undergraduate Biology at the University Of Nottingham, focussing mainly on genetics. During this I carried out two summer placements working on animal parasitology/immunology and electrophysiology, so have quite a […]

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Connor McCarron

Connor McCarron 400 x 400 px

PhD: Bedload transport of sediment mixtures in shelf seas School of Ocean Sciences Bangor University Email Connor McCarron LinkedIn profile ResearchGate profile Project Link I am from Derry~Londonderry in Northern Ireland where I originally studied BSc (Hons) Marine Science at the University of Ulster. During my undergraduate studies I gained an interest in the use […]

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Brian Scannell

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PhD: Mixing in the surface mixed layer of temperate shelf seas Bangor University School of Ocean Sciences Email Brian Scannell ResearchGate profile Project Link I first graduated from Bangor in 1982 with a BSc in Ocean Electronics, subsequently joining the Seafish Industry Authority and then Welsh Water, working on coastal surveys and modelling studies aimed […]

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