Past REP projects

Lancaster University – Conserving mountain species in the face of climate change: the Mountain Ringlet butterfly in Cumbria – Rosa Menendez

Project Objectives The main objectives of this project were: To model the distribution of the mountain ringlet butterfly (Erebia epiphron) in the Lake District using existing distribution records and a combination of climatic, topographical, geological and habitat variables. To carry out butterfly surveys, in collaboration with Butterfly Conservation members and volunteers, in order to validate […]

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University of Nottingham – Trophic engineering: the adaptive landscape of mechanical function in four-bar linkage systems of fish jaws – Dr Andrew MacColl

Project Objectives Complex functional systems of living organisms can sometimes be well modelled from an engineering perspective. The ‘trophic’ (feeding) traits of fish provide a good example. They have been modelled as interacting systems of simple and four-bar linkage levers. In engineering design it is clear that there can be many-to-one mapping of form to […]

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