October 7, 2019

Katie Sieradzan

Katie Sieradzan

PhD: Impacts of sea level rise on atmospheric CO2 concentration during deglacial – glacial periods

Room CM203
School of Ocean Sciences
Bangor University

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I am a first year physical oceanography PhD student at Bangor University, studying the impacts of sea level on atmospheric CO2 since the Last Glacial Maximum. So far, 75% of the drop in CO2 during glacial periods has been accounted for I need to find the other 25%!

Previously, I have conducted research on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, and the impacts of meltwater from the ice sheet on the global ocean circulation system. The research was presented as a poster at EGU 2015.

I also spent 2 months working at the MARUM in Bremen (Germany) looking at palaeoceanography using Baffin Bay foraminifera. This involved sampling a sediment core from Baffin Bay at 1cm resolution, preparing all the samples and picking forams out of each sample. These forams were then used in carbon isotope analysis. I also used an XRF scanner to examine the core.

I have also completed my PGCE in secondary geography in 2017, following which, for two years, I was a high school geography teacher at a school in Barnsley. Throughout my teaching career, I was graded good with outstanding features.