Monthly Archives: June 2017

Lancaster University – Conserving mountain species in the face of climate change: the Mountain Ringlet butterfly in Cumbria – Rosa Menendez

Project Objectives The main objectives of this project were: To model the distribution of the mountain ringlet butterfly (Erebia epiphron) in the Lake District using existing distribution records and a combination of climatic, topographical, geological and habitat variables. To carry out butterfly surveys, in collaboration with Butterfly Conservation members and volunteers, in order to validate […]

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University of Nottingham – Trophic engineering: the adaptive landscape of mechanical function in four-bar linkage systems of fish jaws – Dr Andrew MacColl

Project Objectives Complex functional systems of living organisms can sometimes be well modelled from an engineering perspective. The ‘trophic’ (feeding) traits of fish provide a good example. They have been modelled as interacting systems of simple and four-bar linkage levers. In engineering design it is clear that there can be many-to-one mapping of form to […]

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Undergraduate research experience placement in Social Tree UpRooting DirectorY (STURDY) in Lancaster Environment Centre

Paid summer placement opportunity The aim of this project is to compile a database of tree failures across the UK from various forms of social media.  This database will then be used to validate predictions of individual tree failure by the TREEFALL model which has been developed in LEC with NERC funding. We have collected […]

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